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Hello, I am Wade. I am the founder and owner of guitar world. I am a guitar player and music enthusiast for over 15 years. Ever since I was a little boy all the back as far as jr. High School I developed a love for all types of music. My first love for music was country more than anything but as I grew and matured i began to appreciate all styles of music from grunge to rock n roll, the blues and even jazz. Recently my faith has impacted my music as well and I enjoy different types of worship that has strengthened my connection to God. Music has enriched my life in many amazing ways. Through music, I have  developed amazing relationship and strong bonds with Many close friends. My relationship with God through music has also impacted my life in amazing ways and made my life find more purpose and direction as I become deeply connected to my creator. I believe that God is creator and when I am fully connected to him in music he unlocks my creative side and I become more creative in many ways. I Have found that I connect more with friends horizontally through more secular music but I connect with My creator vertically through worship. I found that you can establish deeper more impactful relationship with friends when we are connected to our divine source. Through this website I will be written blog about all types of music and the impact it has had on my life. I hope that it inspires you to do the same

Over the years I have gained plenty of product knowledge on what the instruments and equipment works best with certain genres. I will provide up to date information on product knowledge and begginers guides to what equipment is best for the situation you are in.
The goal of this site is to write inspiring articles of how music has impacted my life in an impactful way. I desire to share my story of how music has connected me to my creator so I could be more creative and to inspire, instruct, and encourage you to do the same. Music has filled my life with purpose and direction and has been the inspiration of many close bonds with family and friends. This site will also provide product knowledge so you will have the right equipment to help you achieve your wildest dreams through Gods wonderful gift of music. Also, I want you to feel free to reach out to me if you have any question or comments. I would love to hear from you.

So that is my story and why I am here. I hope you enjoy your time here at guitar world and that you leave feeling inspired and filled with knowledge so that you can use your story and creativity to inspires others through the gift of music.


Wade Jones


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